IPAC Checklists for Our Members

The IPAC checklists designed specifically for our members have finally been posted on the Public Health website.  They can be accessed at:

These checklists should now be used by Public Health  if they ever have to visit a member’s practice. They can also be used by you individually  as a way to review your practice.  They are a reflection of our Infection Control Standard of Practice

This is a major accomplishment for our College. Members of our College have worked tirelessly with Public Health to finalize these documents. These members include: Anna Georgiou (Chair), Pete Guy, Stephen Haber, Martin Hayles, Sasha Kozera and Cindy Lewis.  I am receiving calls from other Colleges asking us how we went about doing this.  We were apparently  ‘featured’ at a recent IPAC meeting.

This information was also sent to all Members on Friday, May 24, 2019 as an e-mail blast.