Our Council

The work of the College is directed by our Council, similar to a Board of Directors, whose job it is to represent the interests of the public. I.e. the patients who seek the services of a Chiropodist or Podiatrist (member). The Council is made up of professional members who have been elected by their peers, representatives from the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences and members of the public who have been appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) and the Chiropody Act gives the College its mandate to regulate its members. It also allows healthcare consumers a strong voice in the regulation of our members by requiring an equitable balance of public appointees and elected professionals on College Council.

Members of the College Council are actively involved in determining the rules that govern the profession. When developing new policies or initiatives, the College consults widely and asks for input from a variety stakeholders. Registrants in particular are asked to provide information, opinions, and feedback. The College ensures that not only is input sought, but that results are shared and improvements are implemented.


Current Council Members



Martin Hayles, Chiropodist




Millicent Vorkapich-Hill, Podiatrist



Ed Chung, Podiatrist

Matt Doyle, Chiropodist

Stephen Haber, Podiatrist

Martin Hayles, Chiropodist

Sasha Kozera, Chiropodist

Jamie Mandlsohn, Chiropodist

Sonia Maragoni, Chiropodist

Cesar Mendez, Chiropodist

Millicent Vorkapich-Hill, Podiatrist



Adrian Dobrowsky, Chiropodist

Tony Merendino, Chiropodist



Donna Coyne

Jim Daley

Winnifred Linker

Sohail Mall

Aladdin Mohaghegh

Agnes Potts