Proposed Scope of Practice Expansion

The College continues to work with the Government of Ontario towards the achievement of the scope of practice expansions the College recommended to the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council for the review it initiated in 2015 at the Minister’s request . Progress is being made. We have achieved some consensus on changing the name and structure of the profession, on making some additions to the authorized acts and to other authorities granted the profession and on the need to establish an educational program for podiatry in Ontario that provides graduates with the competencies to practise the full range of those authorized acts and authorities. The extent of these changes and how and when they will be achieved are, however, still being discussed and worked on. The current political situation, with dissolution of the Legislature for the June 7th election expected soon, complicates matters. Nevertheless, we continue to explore alternate approaches to implementation with the government. We have been gratified by the support received over the past year from our Members and from the professional associations, namely the OSC, the CFPM and the OPMA.

The College will provide updates whenever tangible actions can be reported. Watch this page