COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Information for Members
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For Current MOH Guidance on Face Coverings and Face Masks –
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Interim IPAC Recommendations for Use of PPE for Care of Individuals with Suspect or Confirmed COVID‑19 –
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REVISED! Masking Guidance

June 11, 2022 Update – In April, the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued a news release stating that current public health measures, including mandatory masking, will stay in effect until June 11, 2022. After June 11, the MOH will issue guidance on personal protective equipment recommendations for infection prevention and control in health care settings. We will continue to share updated information as it becomes available.

COVID-19 Update: Directive #2 for Health Care Providers & Screening - February 1, 2022

The Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued a revised Directive #2 for Health Care Providers, which is effective
February 1, 2022. Please read both the Directive and this notice carefully so that you can properly determine
whether and how it applies to you and the treatment you provide.

COVID-19 Directive #2: Questions and Answers – February 10, 2022

MOHLTC Primary Care Guidance

Primary care providers should not require patients to have a negative COVID-19 test (rapid antigen, rapid molecular, or PCR test) prior to an inperson visit. Access to necessary in-person care should be available to all patients regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. Please read MOHLTC Primary Care Guidance document here. Any inquiries related to clinical practice please contact the practice advisor at

Guidance to Members regarding patient vaccination status and use of appropriate screening tool - August 26, 2021

The Ministry of Health (MOH) provided an updated screening tool on August 26th that provides screening questions for fully immunized individuals, and additional screening questions for non-vaccinated patients or partially vaccinated patients including a reordering or screening questions. To ensure that Members can appropriately determine which screening tool applies to patients, the College recommends that Members respectfully ask patients if they are fully vaccinated or not. The College acknowledges that patient’s right to choose to disclose the information or not as it is personal health information. Where a patient refuses to disclose their vaccination status, it is reasonable that Members use the screening tool for non-vaccinated individuals.

Ontario Announces Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policies for High-Risk Settings

To protect vulnerable patients and staff in high-risk settings where contracting and transmitting COVID-19 and the Delta variant is higher, the Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued a directive mandating hospitals and home and community care service providers to have a COVID-19 vaccination policy for employees, staff, contractors, students and volunteers, and for ambulance services to have a COVID-19 vaccination policy for paramedics.

Recent emergency changes were made in Ontario to respond to the COVID-19

These  changes allow members to work outside their scope of practice as long as they are working in a hospital setting. These changes were made pursuant to The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and take precedence over the Regulated Health Professions Act.  Regulated health professionals may be redeployed to other areas of a hospital where they may be called upon to perform duties outside of their usual scope of practice. As long as the care is being provided within a hospital setting, this is permitted.

COCOO Statement on the Updated MOH Guidelines

On July 28, 2021, the Ministry of Health released an updated version of the COVID Guidance for Primary Care Providers in a Community Setting.

We recommend Chiropodists and Podiatrists who work in private practice to review this guidance through the link below.

MOH COVID-19 Guidance: Primary Care Providers in a Community Setting

Ministry of Health Guideline for Primary Care Providers in Community Settings

Version 10.0             Updated February 14, 2022

Revocation of Chief Medical Officer of Health Directive #2 and the Resumption of non-urgent and non-emergent surgeries and procedures - May 19, 2021

The Chief Medical Officer of Health has revoked Directive #2 for Health Care Providers, effective May 19, 2021, which ends the temporary cessation of non-emergent and non-urgent surgeries and procedures.  The result is that health care providers may resume those services. Please refer to the COCOO’s website for updated information related to COVID-19

The two emergency orders listed below are still in effect. These orders authorize:

  • regulated health professionals to provide patient care services outside their regular scope of practice and enables hospitals to employ, contract, appoint or otherwise engage regulated health professionals from out-of-province (O. Reg. 305/21, approved and ordered April 21, 2021), and
  • Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) to redeploy staff to hospitals on a voluntary basis to help with capacity needs relative to the third wave of COVID-19 (O. Reg. 304/21, approved and ordered April 21, 2021)

To read the full CMOH Memorandum on Revocation of Chief Medical Officer of Health Directive #2 and the Resumption of non-urgent and non-emergent surgeries and procedures click here.

Please contact our professional practice adviser with any questions about the most recent changes to Directive #2 at

COVID-19 FAQs for Practitioners

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COVID-19 Q&As for Members of the Public

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Member Communications

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Important Reference Documentation

Updated important documents that have been sent to members regarding procedures available 

Advisory Relating to COVID-19 and the Provision of Chiropody/Podiatry Care in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF’s)

June 16,2020 – If a Member is required to provide care at a LTCF, the Member must communicate directly with the administration of the LTCF prior to the visit to establish and ensure that all the LTCF protocols are in place including the requisite screening (of Member and resident), and that the Member has all required PPE or ensures that the facility will provide the required PPE.

Members should be fully aware of all the implications and responsibilities of providing care in long term care facilities and the potential risks associated with the transmission of COVID-19. Members must be fully aware of all policies for individual LTCF’s as well as directives from Public Health Ontario, the Ministry of Health (MOH) the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario and relevant Standards of Practice of the College of Chiropodists.

Updates From Ontario's Ministry of Health

Ontario’s Ministry of Health releases FREQUENT new guidance on COVID-19. Members are advised to check for any changes on a daily basis. Access regular Ministry updates by clicking here.


Health Care Providers with less than 10 days of supply

Health care providers facing immediate challenges (less than 10 days of supply) with their personal protective equipment supply levels can email the ministry at


Health Care Provider Hotline

The Ministry of Health has set up a Health Care Provider Hotline at 1-866-212-2272.

Important Reference Documentation

Quick Reference Guide

Most recent update – May 20, 2020

Guide to Virtual Visits

 Most Recent Update – April 2, 2020

Administrative and Engineering Controls (V2)

Most recent update – April 23, 2020

PPE Checklist (V2)

Most recent update – April 23, 2020

Contact the College if you have additional questions, at

Archived Directive Information

CMOH Directive #2 has been updated

Updated April 22, 2021:  In order to preserve system capacity to deal effectively with COVID-19, CMOH Directive #2 has been updated and requires all non-emergent and non-urgent surgeries and procedures to cease. The MOH has also developed this Q & A document to answer questions about these recent directive changes.

COVID-19 Pandemic Clinical Practice Directive

Updated May 26th, 2020:  This document has been updated to provide Members of the College of Chiropodists of Ontario (COCOO) guidance to ensure a safe gradual restoration of all deferred and non-essential and elective services subject to the requirements of substituted Directive #2 issued on May 26, 2020.

COVID-19 Operational Requirements: Health Sector Restart

Version 2.0 June 15, 2020:  This document provides operational details and requirements as referenced in Directive #2 dated June 15, 2020.  It is not intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or legal advice.