Fair Registration Practices Reports

The Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) requires all the regulated professions to submit reports about their registration practices and their compliance with the Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, 2006 (FARPA) or the Health Professions Procedural Code (the Code) set out in Schedule 2 of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991.

In November 2023, the OFC implemented the second iteration of its Risk-informed Compliance Framework (RICF). Under this framework, the OFC assesses each regulator’s operations against five risk factors that may impede the regulator’s ability to apply fair registration practices for the licensure of domestic and internationally trained applicants. For the 2023/2024 risk assessment cycle, the five risk factors are:

  1. Organizational capacity.
  2. The overall control that a regulator exerts over its assessment and registration processes.
  3. The impact of major changes to registration practices and relations with third-party service providers.
  4. The ability of the regulator to comply with newly introduced legislative and/ or regulatory obligations.
  5. Public policy considerations.

Based on their review and analysis, the OFC placed the College in a low-risk category for the period of April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2026. Learn more.

All annual Fair Registration Practices Reports should be read in conjunction with the 2014 report.

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