Scheduled Discipline Hearings & Referrals


The following members have been referred to the Discipline Committee:

Member NameReferral DateHearing Date(s)Notice of Hearing
Charbonneau, Angele (090329)April 4, 2018TBDView Here
Kellen, Helmut (090339)April 4, 2018TBDView Here
Doherty, Michael (910338)September 5, 2019November 10, 2020 & TBDView Here
Sliwa, Barbara (120010)November 29, 2019TBDView Here
Infanti, John (900291)November 29, 2019TBDView Here
Lustig, Alan Mark (730848)February 13, 2020TBDView Here
Galperin, Stephen (850150)February 19, 2020TBDView Here
Charbonneau, Angele (090329)March 5, 2020TBDView Here
Kellen, Helmut (090339)March 5, 2020TBDView Here
Murakami, Alison (010158)March 6, 2020March 1-4, 2021View Here
Moses, Alan (830111)April 3, 2020TBDView Here
Sy, Flordeliza (090306)April 24, 2020TBDView Here
Chan, Eddie K. (070278)May 19, 2020TBDView Here
Doherty, Michael (910338)June 10, 2020November 10, 2020 & TBDView Here
Casella, Angelo (900286)June 25, 2020TBDView Here
Allison, David (930346)July 28, 2020TBDView Here
Ginsberg, Paul (070265)August 11, 2020TBDView Here
Frizzell, Shannon (960418)August 12, 2020TBDView Here
Doherty, Michael (910338)August 18, 2020November 10, 2020 & TBDView Here
Qureshi, Omar (010168)September 15, 2020TBDView Here
Ord, Sidney James (870221)September 18, 2020TBDView Here
Mortelliti, Stacey Flavia (100361)October 9, 2020TBDView Here


Scheduled Discipline Hearings

  1. Michael Doherty (910338) – November 10, 2020 & TBD
  2. Alison Murakami (010158) – March 1-4, 2021


As a result of COVID-19, all hearings will be held electronically until further notice. If you would like to attend a Discipline Committee hearing, please contact the Hearings Office at