Emergency Class Registration

The Emergency Class comes into effect when the Government of Ontario or College Council determines that it is in the public interest to register qualified chiropodists to address emergency circumstances.[1] The Emergency Class exists for the sole purpose of allowing qualified registrants to provide care during an emergency.

The application fee is set out in By-law No. 2: Fees.

Registration Requirements
Emergency Class applicants do not have to meet all the registration requirements for the General Class; however, they must:

  • Have completed a chiropody program approved by Council.
  • Successfully passed the jurisprudence examination set or approved by Council.
  • Report any past offences, or findings of guilt, professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity.
  • Report any current professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity proceedings.
  • Declare any health or conduct issues that could affect the applicant’s ability to practice.
  • Speak and write either English or French with reasonably fluency.

Terms, Conditions and Limitations
Emergency Class registrants are subject to the following terms, conditions, and limitations: (O. Reg. 830/93, s. 10.1(1))

  • The registrant must be supervised by a registrant in good standing who holds a General Class certificate of registration.
  • The registrant must always, when providing chiropody services, identity themselves as an Emergency Class registrant.

Professional Liability Insurance
The registrant shall maintain professional liability insurance in accordance with the requirements, set out in By-law No. 1: General, and shall provide satisfactory evidence to the Registrar (in the form and manner requested) that the registrant maintains professional liability insurance.

Transitioning to the General Class of Registration
Registrants in the Emergency Class may be eligible to practice as a chiropodist in Ontario by registering in the General Class. In some instances, certain registration requirements met to enter the Emergency Class can be carried over to a new application for the General Class.

A registrant who holds an Emergency Class certificate, or who held an Emergency Class certificate within one (1) year of applying for a General Class certificate, and who practiced chiropody for at least 180 hours while holding an Emergency Class certificate of registration, is exempt from the examination fee for the competency examination (O. Reg. 830/93, s. 4(4)) The successful completion of the competency examination is one of the registration requirements for the General Class. (O. Reg. 830/93, s. 4(1)(2))

[1] Note that individuals trained as podiatrists in jurisdictions approved by Council would be eligible to be registered in the Emergency Class. These individuals would be registered as chiropodists. See O. Reg. 830/93, s. 6.1(3).

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