Suicide & Mental Health Resources

The College takes very seriously and understands the importance of the health and well-being of its members as a vital component of being able to best serve the public of Ontario.  With that said, as healthcare professionals, we are not immune to the difficulties of life that might befall any of us, particularly during stressful times such as those most recently with the challenges related to the Covid pandemic. Health care professionals who proactively address their mental health are better able to optimally care for patients and sustain their resilience in the face of mental health concerns such as burnout, depression, stress, and suicide risk.

Below you’ll find a listing of crisis resources for immediate support in preventing suicide and enhancing the mental health of healthcare professionals; as well as resources for support after a suicide loss for individuals and communities.

Get Help | Talk Suicide Canada

Crisis Resources | CAMH

How do I talk to someone thinking about suicide? | Centre for Suicide Prevention

The Canadian College of Health Leaders | An offer from the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)

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