Volume 3   No.3
December 20, 2022



President’s Message

The topic of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) has been front and centre in the consciousness of society for several years now. It certainly is considered and serves to shape many of the policy decisions of governments, academic institutions, and employers, among others. In the last issue of Footprint, our Registrar spoke at length about the efforts she is undertaking on behalf of the College to do our part in protecting the public through a better understanding of EDI and the improved health outcomes that can result from the application of robust EDI principles… 

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A Word from the Registrar

Those of us who are fortunate enough to belong to professions that have been granted the legislative authority to self-regulate, must make time to understand the privilege of self-regulation and, as vitally, the responsibility that comes with self-regulation. To do less is to fall short of all that’s required of the regulated professional. It’s fair to say that being a regulated professional necessitates the development of a deep understanding of what self-regulation entails and an ongoing commitment to rise to the challenge demanded of this level of professionalism. No one said it was easy… 

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Executive Committee Update

The College welcomes its new Executive Committee for 2022-2023. At the October Council meeting, Peter Stavropoulos was acclaimed as President of the College and Matthew Doyle was acclaimed as Vice-President. Melanie Atkinson was also elected as a professional member, and Winnie Linker and Jim Daley were re-elected as public members serving on the Executive Committee.


Elections Update

Elections were held in September 2022 for Districts 1 and 2 for Chiropodists, and Combined District 1 for Podiatrists. Chad Bezaire, Chiropodist, was elected in District 2, Matthew Andrade, Chiropodist, was acclaimed in District 1, and Peter Stavropoulos, Podiatrist, was acclaimed in combined District 1. Deborah Loundes was also appointed to Council as the Selected Member from the Michener Institute… 

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Proposed Update to Bylaw 2 – Increase to Examination Fees

At the October 2022 meeting, Council approved, in principle, amendments to the College’s Registration Examination Fees By-Law. The proposed amendments were circulated to the membership on November 2, 2022, requesting feedback by January 4, 2023. The purpose of the proposed amendments to the bylaw is to work towards achieving cost neutrality in respect of the Registration Examinations, meaning that the College collects the full cost of the exams from applicants… 

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Bylaw Amendment – Credit Card Fee

At the October 2022 meeting, Council voted to amend Bylaw 2 to incorporate a $35 charge for members electing to pay College fees by credit card. The purpose of this charge is to offset the significant cost to the College, and therefore the membership, of credit card fees. Last year, credit card fees cost the College approximately $28,000.

Review the change to Bylaw 2


New Information Sharing with College Stakeholders and Other Professional Regulators Policy

The College has certain requirements with respect to sharing information with other regulators and stakeholders. As part of its 2021 College Performance Measurement Framework submission, the College committed to formalizing its information-sharing requirements and procedures in a policy. Council approved the policy at its October meeting, and it is available on the College’s website.

Review the Information Sharing with College Stakeholders and Other Professional Regulators Policy


College’s Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

In its 2021 College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) submission, the College committed to expanding ways to incorporate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in its work. As a first step, the College adopted a land acknowledgement, which is used at the commencement of College meetings and is posted on the College’s website. The Statement on EDI confirms the College’s commitment to promoting EDI within its Council, staff, and consultants, and to improve cultural competency to reduce barriers to equitable healthcare.

Review the College’s EDI Statement


New Fees, Billing and Accounts Guideline

In the last few months, the Practice Advisor noticed a trend in fee-related questions from members. Specifically, there were questions about whether members can offer discounts to specific groups of patients, like seniors, students, or the military. The Practice Advisor consulted with legal counsel, who recommended that the College develop a Standard to clarify fee-related obligations…

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Town Hall – December 10, 2022

The College held its inaugural town hall on December 10, 2022. The event was an opportunity for members to meet the Registrar and ask questions about the College’s strategic direction. The College intends to hold biannual Townhalls going forward.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Course

The College will be offering a Nitrous Oxide Sedation course in 2023 (date to be determined). If you would like to receive the nitrous oxide administration certification or need to renew your existing training, please contact Christine Hickey, Manager, Registration, Examinations & Quality Programs at

Continuing Education Credit Change – EDI

In the 2021 College Performance Management Framework, this College committed to incorporating Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) into its practices. In early October, the Quality Assurance Committee considered the inclusion of EDI training into the annual Continuing Education requirements. The QA Committee recommended that registrants obtain no less than five credit hours in Category B directed at issues around EDI. At its October 28, 2022 meeting, Council approved the QA Committee’s recommendation, and the Continuing Education policy was revised. Please review the Policy here, which includes a non-exhaustive list of programs offering EDI training.

Recruitment for Practice Assessors

With an increase in the number of practice assessments being conducted annually, the College’s Quality Assurance program needs qualified registrants to expand its practice assessor roster. Assessor training is provided, an honorarium of $475 (plus expenses in accordance with the College’s honorarium policy), and continuing education credit hours. If you have been in practice for five or more years and are interested in this excellent opportunity to give back to your profession, please contact Christine Hickey, Manager, Registration, Examinations & Quality Programs at


Standing Drug Committee Update

At the October 28, 2022 Council meeting, Council unanimously approved the updated and expanded drug list to form the new drug regulation for members. The Standing Drug Committee (SDC) was recently convened to respond to several questions the MOH raised relating to member prescribing competency and education in light of the new drug list…

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Practice Advisory Services Update

The Practice Advisor’s role is to assist members with challenges in their clinical practice who require guidance, particularly with respect to the COCOO standards, guidelines and policies. Additionally, the practice advisor responds to queries from stakeholders, including, but not limited to, members of the public or their caregivers, other regulated healthcare professionals (for example, pharmacists, physicians, and RNs), other regulated health colleges (for example, College of Nurses of Ontario), clinic managers and third-party health insurance providers…

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Registration Exam Update

The College offered its second iteration of the qualifying examinations on November 1 and November 5, 2022. The Examination Committee is now working hard to roll out an expanded jurisprudence exam and updated OSCE in 2023. Watch the College’s website for further information and the 2023 dates.


ICRC & Discipline Committee Update

Between June and October 2022, the College received nine complaints and opened one Registrar’s investigation, which is consistent with numbers last year. By comparison, in the same period in 2020-2021, the College received eight complaints and opened one Registrar’s investigation…

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Summarized Discipline Committee Decisions

View the Summarized Discipline Committee Decisions for the four disposed matters of COCOO v. Barbara Sliwa, COCOO v. Alan Moses, COCOO v. David Allison and COCOO v. Eddie Chan through the link below.

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Quality Assurance Committee Update

In 2022, the College conducted 40 practice assessments throughout the province with fantastic results. Overall, the assessments indicate an impressive standard of practice in the profession. Congratulations to the professional members for continuing to provide high-quality chiropody and podiatry services to the Ontario public!

If you have any questions regarding Quality Assurance programs, please contact Christine Hickey at


Member Communications & Social Media

Please ensure your email on file with the College is current and accurate, and that you regularly check your spam folder for emails from the College. Members may update their information anytime via the Member Portal.

The College is committed to increasing its presence on social media. Please follow the College on LinkedIn and Twitter for important updates about changes to standards and guidelines, renewal deadlines, important decisions arising from Council meetings, and other important updates.

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