Volume 3   No. 1
March 23, 2022



President’s Message

It is my pleasure to inform the membership about a couple of recent, positive successes at the College. The first is the announcement of the completion of the long outstanding goal of approval of the Drug Regulation Amendment…

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From the Registrar

I’m pleased to report that the College continues to improve its operations and, to that end, at our Council meeting on February 25, 2022, Council passed the 2022 budget as well as a number of bylaw changes to support operational improvements

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Welcome to Christine Hickey

The College welcomed its new Manager, Registration, Examination and Quality Programs, Christine Hickey, on December 21, 2021. Christine has extensive experience and education in professional health regulation. Christine is a paralegal and also recently completed a Masters in Law (LLM) in administrative law.

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The College’s Strategic Plan

On February 25, 2022, Council voted to unanimously approve a strategic plan for the College. This document was developed by both public and professional members on Council as well as non-Council professional members. The plan outlines the vision, mission, and values of the College. It also defines the College’s objectives for the next 3-5 years

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Bylaw Amendment Update

Recently Council passed two bylaw updates relating to a cooling off period and the Registrar Title and deputy Registrar. Council voted to circulate the a proposed registration examination fee increase amendment to the membership and other stakeholders for 60 days before the matter is returned the Council

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Practice Advisory Services Update

The Practice Advisor receives questions daily regarding all manner of practice related questions. Below are some commonly asked FAQs. We are here is to assist with your questions and provide sound and practical advice to ensure you stay “onside” with the regulations, legislation and standards. Please contact Peter Ferguson, the Acting Practice Advisor at with any practice-related questions or concerns. Peter is pleased to discuss issues either via email or by phone and will endeavour to respond within 24 hours

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Registration Exam Update

Registration exam dates have been confirmed for 2022. The written examination (Competencies & Jurisprudence) is scheduled for Monday June 20, 2022, while the OSCE is scheduled for Saturday June 25, 2022. The written examination will be online again and the OSCE will be in-person at the Michener Institute. The deadline to apply for the Registration Examinations is May 20, 2022.

The Profile of Required Competencies has been updated and will come into effect in June.

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ICRC & Discipline Committee Update

Between October 2021 and January 2022, the College received eight complaints, and opened one Registrar’s investigations. These numbers are consistent with last year. By comparison, in the same period in 2020-2021, the College received 14 complaints and opened four Registrar’s investigation…

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Suspension Guideline – New

At its February 2022 meeting, Council approved a new guideline for members that outlines the responsibility of suspended members, including who the member must inform and what a suspended member is permitted to do. The Guideline applies to administrative suspensions (including suspensions for non-payment of fees) and suspensions ordered by a Committee of the College.

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Quality Assurance Update

The Quality Assurance Committee has nearly completed its review of the 2021 practice assessments and will commence the 2022 cycle in April with an increase in the number of assessments undertaken to 5% of College Registrants. Additionally, the continuing education audit for the 2020-21 cycle will also commence this Spring. Continuing education requirements are an important part of your ongoing obligations as a member of the College. Please watch your inbox for further information regarding continuing education credit requirements. If you have any questions regarding the College’s Quality Programs feel free to contact Christine Hickey, Manager (Registration, Examinations & Quality Programs) at


College Performance Management Framework

The College is working to complete the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) for the second reporting cycle. The MOH will use the information in the CMPF to strengthen accountability and oversight of Ontario’s health regulatory Colleges and assist Colleges to improve their performance. The CPMF was rolled out for the first time in the spring of 2021.

Once the College submits its 2021 report to the MOH at the end of March 2022, it will be available on the College’s website.


Self-Reporting Requirements

Members are reminded of their obligation to self-report certain information to the College. This in an ongoing obligation, not just annually on the renewal form. A member must self-report to COCOO if she or he…

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Member Communications & Social Media

Please ensure your email on file with the College is current and accurate. Members may update their information anytime via the Member Portal.

The College is committed to increasing its presence on social media. To do so in the most professional way, the College has discontinued its Facebook page and will exclusively be updating LinkedIn and Twitter. Please follow the College on both platforms for important updates about changes to standards and guidelines, renewal deadlines, important decisions arising from Council meetings, and other important updates.

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