Q&As: Self-Reporting to the College

The following questions and answers provide clarification on chiropodists and podiatrists’ (members’) self-reporting obligations when they are charged with an offence.

Is the obligation for members to self-report charges new?

No, since May 1, 2018 members have been required to self-report charges against them to the College. This obligation was part of changes made to the government’s regulations.

Should members inform the College about every kind of charge?

Members must self-report the following charges:

  • An offence under the Criminal Code of Canada
  • An offence under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act
  • Other offences that could be relevant to practice. For example, if a member is charged with a provincial offence under the Personal Health Information Protection Act for inappropriately accessing personal health information.
Do members need to tell the College if they get a speeding or parking ticket?

No, speeding and parking tickets do not need to be reported to the College. As accountable professionals, members should use their judgment and knowledge of the profession and the practice standards when considering whether a charge may be relevant to suitability to practice chiropody and podiatry and therefore should be reported.

Does the College investigate every self-report?

No, the College does not investigate every self-report it receives.  The College’s Registrar reviews the self-report, determines what level of risk may be posted to the public, and makes a decision about an appropriate response.

Does the College learn about charges only through self-reporting?

No, the College receives information from a wide variety of sources. Some of the sources include employers, the police, the public and the news media.

What happens if a member does not self-report a charge?

A member who does not meet his or her self-reporting obligation could be investigated and may face professional misconduct allegations.

Will the College make the charges public?

Charges that are assessed as being relevant to a member’s suitability to practise will be posted on the member’s profile on the College’s public register.

Do other professionals have a similar obligation to self-report to their governing bodies?

Yes, chiropodists and podiatrists are just one group of health professional who have mandatory self-reporting obligations. Nurses, for example, must also report charges to their regulator, the College of Nurses of Ontario.

For more information, the legislative requirements can be reviewed here:


The College’s Self-Reporting Form can be Submitted through the Member’s Login here. For assistance or more information on the self-reporting process, email info@cocoo.on.ca.

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Self-Reporting Form (sign-in to Members area)

For assistance or more information on the reports process, contact info@cocoo.on.ca.

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