Seeking Your Input – By-laws

The College is seeking your input and comments on the following by-laws which Council passed, in principle. By-law No.5 is a new by-law and the others are consequential amendments to existing By-laws No. 1 and 2 as a result of the approval of the ‘Standard of Practice for the Administration of Inhaled Substances and the Use of Sedation in a Member’s Practice.’

By-Law No.5

This new by-law creates the ability for the College to issue an Inhalation Certificate and outlines the processes for doing so. It defines Inhalation Certificate and provides information about the Certificate (e.g. issuance, expiration). Members will be required to obtain a Certificate from the College before using inhalation in their practice.

By Law No.1 [Consequential Amendments]

Consequential amendments in this by-law include:

  1. The establishment the Sedation Committee [ss.23.3.01 and 23.3.02]; and
  2. A notation on the public register that a member is authorized by the College to administer a substance by inhalation and the date on which the inhalation was first issued. If cancelled or voluntarily surrendered, that information will also be recorded. These amendments are reflected in new paragraphs 24 and 25 of s. 42.06 1.

By-law No.2 Fees [Consequential Amendments]

The amendments relating to the Fees by-law include:

  1. Inhalation certificate again defined;
  2. Three new fees related to the Inhalation Certificate:
    1. The submission of an application ($100.00). This fee also addresses the member who submits an application, does not the necessary criteria to obtain it and is rejected – however the College must still process the application itself;
    2. The issuance of the Inhalation Certificate ($100.00); and
    3. The renewal of the Certificate ($350.00) which is due on or before February 14th each year.

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We request your feedback to no later than Friday, September 22, 2017.