Registration Examination

Candidates are required to successfully complete three components of the registration examinations. These components are:

  1. Core Competencies Exam (150 multiple choice questions)
  2. Jurisprudence Exam (80 multiple choice questions)
  3. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) (12 stations)

The College provides each applicant with the following document in preparation for the examination:

  1. 2022 Profile of Competencies Document – Effective June 2022

Part A: Written

The written examinations include Component (A) Core Competencies Exam, consisting of 150 multiple-choice items and Component (B) Jurisprudence Exam, consisting of 80 multiple choice items.

Both components of the written exam are in-person on the same day. The Core Competencies exam is administered in the morning and the Jurisprudence exam is administered in the afternoon.

The examination questions and the OSCE Stations are based on the Profile of Competencies. This document is central in preparing for the registration exams.

Part B: Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (O.S.C.E.)

This examination will test clinical competencies and will be composed of 12 stations in which the candidate will have a specified time to complete a task.  Each candidate will have two minutes to review the requirements of the station and eight minutes to complete the station.

The OSCE is structured to allow for 12 candidates to be examined at a time. Candidates will be sequestered before and after the exam. Prior to the exam, candidates will be provided with a schedule that details the time for registration, time to start the exam and time to depart the exam.

Candidates are encouraged to bring as few items as possible to the OSCE. All smartphones, tablets and watches are required to be turned in to the examination staff at the time of registration and will be returned prior to leaving the exam location. If you are a Michener student, you will not be allowed to access your locker.

Each candidate should be professionally dressed (this includes clean scrubs), white lab coat (optional) and closed-toe footwear.  You will need to have the following items for the exam:

  • Photo identification
  • Two pencils and an eraser
  • Two pens
  • Scissors
  • Snacks/water (you will not be allowed to leave the holding room once registration & screening is complete)


In accordance with the College’s Examination Regulation, a candidate who is unsuccessful on the examination may write a supplemental examination. If a candidate is unsuccessful on the supplemental examination, that person may be eligible to write the Registration Examination the following year. For more information, see the Registration Examination Failures Policy.

Registration Exam Dates

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